VisiScript is a cross platform editor for programmers and a graphical front end to run scripting languages like JavaScript/QtScript, Python, Ruby, Perl, Lisp/Scheme or others. With this program one can read, modify, save, execute and debug script files and select different script languages. For the execution of the scripts the progam uses the build-in QScript (JavaScript) interpreter or external script interpreters like Python, Ruby, Perl and others.


Get VisiScript (which is released under the GPL) for your platform from the download section. Some more screenshots for the supported platforms can be found here.

Additional functions and interpreters are supported by the VisiScriptExtensions module.

VisiScript is implemented in C++ and uses Qt and QScintilla and runs on all desktop or mobile operating systems supported by Qt (Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS). It runs even in a Browser via Webassembly. VisiScript was originally developed for the Qtopia desktop environment of the Zaurus but since version 0.5.0 only Qt4 and Qt5 platforms are supported. Because of the Qt port for the Android platform VisisScript is back on a mobile platform. The old VisiScript versions using Qt3 can be found here.

For feedback and questions about this project visit this page. Support to localize the application for other languages is very welcome.